MariaDB 10.1.4 Release Notes

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Release date: 13 Apr 2015

MariaDB 10.1 is the current development series of MariaDB. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.0 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL 5.6 and 5.7.

MariaDB 10.1.4 is a Beta release.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.1 see the What is MariaDB 10.1? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Changes

  • Lots of changes related to encryption. See the updated documentation. In particular:
    • The distinction between “tablespace encryption” and “page encryption” was removed, now there is only one single encryption feature. One can use both per-table encryption options and the global innodb-encrypt-tables option at the same time.
    • Per table PAGE_ENCRYPTION option that could accept values of ON and OFF was renamed to ENCRYPTED with values YES and NO.
    • Per table PAGE_ENCRYPTION_KEY was renamed to ENCRYPTION_KEY_ID.
    • Global variable innodb_default_page_encryption_key become a session innodb_default_encryption_key_id.
    • The command-line option innodb-encrypt-tables can take the value of FORCE. In this case XtraDB/InnoDB will refuse to create unencrypted tables (CREATE TABLE ... ENCRYPTED=NO will fail).
    • XtraDB/InnoDB on disk format for encrypted tablespaces and logs was changed. Tables encrypted in 10.1.3 may fail to open.
    • Key management plugins were renamed not to have “plugin” in the name, for example, “file_key_management_plugin” is now “file_key_management”.
    • “Key management plugin” type was expanded and renamed to match the new broader set of responsibilities. It is now called encryption plugin.
  • Command-line option innodb-scrub-log-interval was renamed to innodb-scrub-log-speed and now sets the log scrubbing speed in bytes per second.
  • Command-line option innodb-scrub-force-testing was renamed to innodb-debug-force-scrubbing.

Repositories exist for 10.1, but because 10.1 is still Beta, they are not visible in the repository configuration tool. To configure a 10.1 apt, yum, or zypper repository using the tool, simply select 10.0 and then when executing the instructions, manually change all occurrences of '10.0' to '10.1'.

For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.1.4, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

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MariaDB may already be included in your favorite OS distribution. More information can be found on the Distributions which Include MariaDB page.


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