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Release date: 14 Nov 2017

MariaDB 10.1 is the previous stable series of MariaDB. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.0 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL 5.6 and 5.7.

MariaDB 10.1.29 will be a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.1 see the What is MariaDB 10.1? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Changes


  • MDEV-14333 Mariabackup --apply-log-only crashes if incomplete transactions with update_undo logs are present
  • MDEV-12108 Fix backup for Innodb tables with DATA DIRECTORY
  • MDEV-13560 mariabackup --copy-back: Copy all undo tablespace files
  • MDEV-14102 Restore --remove-original option for mariabackup
  • MDEV-13822 mariabackup --incremental --prepare incorrectly sets file size


  • MDEV-13328 ALTER TABLE…DISCARD TABLESPACE takes a lot of time
  • MDEV-14219 Allow online table rebuild when encryption or compression parameters change
  • MDEV-14051 'Undo log record is too big.' error occurring in very narrow range of string lengths
  • MDEV-14076 InnoDB: Failing assertion when accessing INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_SYS_TABLESPACES upon upgrade from 10.1.0 to 10.1.20
  • MDEV-12676 MySQL#78423 InnoDB FTS duplicate key error
  • MDEV-13051 MySQL#86607 InnoDB crash after failed ADD INDEX and table_definition_cache eviction
  • MDEV-13838: Wrong result after altering a partitioned table


Security Fixes


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.1.29, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

A file format compatibility bug that was introduced in MariaDB 10.1.0 was fixed in MariaDB 10.1.21.

Using page_compression or non-default innodb_page_size created files that were incompatible with MariaDB 10.0 or MySQL 5.6. MariaDB 10.1.21 and higher will convert affected files from earlier MariaDB 10.1 releases to a compatible format.

This prevents a downgrade to earlier MariaDB 10.1 versions.

See the commit for details.

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