MariaDB 10.5.25 Release Notes

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Note: This page describes features in the source repository for MariaDB 10.5. There are currently no official packages or binaries available for download which contain the features. If you want to try out any of the new features described here you will need to get and compile the code yourself.

MariaDB 10.5 is a previous stable series of MariaDB, maintained until June 2025. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.4 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL.

MariaDB 10.5.25 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.5 see the What is MariaDB 10.5? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Items

Storage Engines


  • Auto increment deadlock error causes ASSERT in subsequent save point(MDEV-33593)
  • SIGSEGV in buf_read_ahead_linear() when bpage is in
  • fts query crashes in fts_query_calculate_ranking()(MDEV-33383)
  • Adaptive hash index corruption after ALTER TABLE…DISCARD TABLESPACE(MDEV-33400)
  • Assertion `!mbmaxlen || !(prefix_len % mbmaxlen)' failed in dtype_get_at_most_n_mbchars(MDEV-30528)
  • InnoDB: Failing assertion: sym_node->table != NULL in pars_retrieve_table_def on UPDATE(MDEV-32346)
  • Fatal InnoDB error or assertion `!is_v' failure upon multi-update with indexed virtual column(MDEV-31154)
  • Fatal error InnoDB: Clustered record field for column x not found(MDEV-33558)
  • Alter operation hangs when encryption thread works on the same tablespace(MDEV-33770)
  • MariaDB segfault on rowid filter query involving generated column(MDEV-33795)
  • Discard/Import Tablespace, Restart, Index Corruption(MDEV-33512)
  • Assertion `!field->prefix_len || field->fixed_len == field->prefix_len' failed in btr_node_ptr_max_size and in dict_index_node_ptr_max_size(MDEV-22855)
  • Alter table corrupts while applying the modification log(MDEV-19044)
  • MONITOR_INC_VALUE_CUMULATIVE is executed regardless of "if" condition(MDEV-33591)
  • Weird read view after ROLLBACK of other transactions.(MDEV-33802)
  • Read only server throws error when running a create temporary table as select statement(MDEV-33889)
  • Change buffer index fails to delete the records(MDEV-32489)
  • Innodb include OS error information when failing to write to iblogfile0(MDEV-33397)
  • In-place migration from MySQL 5.7 causes invalid AUTO_INCREMENT values(MDEV-33277)
  • InnoDB may corrupt its log before upgrading it on startup(MDEV-32445)
  • Implement AVX512BW and VPCLMULQDQ based CRC-32 algorithms(MDEV-33817)
  • matched_rec::block should be allocated from the buffer pool(MDEV-33559)
  • Table is getting rebuild with ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN(MDEV-33214)


  • Clang won't compile MariaDB with libxml2 2.12(MDEV-33439)


  • Wrong result on 2nd execution of PS for query with derived table (MDEV-31361)


  • mroonga ignores WITHOUT_DYNAMIC_PLUGINS(MDEV-33723)


  • Unsafe use of LOCK_thd_kill in my_malloc_size_cb_func()(MDEV-33443)


  • Server crashes when deleting partitions from a table with spider engine(MDEV-33731)
  • SIGSEGV's in spider_direct_sql_init_body, spider_direct_sql_body, my_hash_insert, thd_ha_data, thd_get_ha_data and safe_mutex_lock, heap-use-after-free in spider_direct_sql_body(MDEV-30727)
  • Trying to lock uninitialized mutex at storage/spider/ after failure upon startup(MDEV-33538)
  • UBSAN null pointer passed as argument 2, which is declared to never be null in spider_udf_direct_sql_create_conn(MDEV-33434)
  • spider plugin init failure with no_zero_date sql_mode(MDEV-33494)
  • sql plugin init failure with traditional sql_mode(MDEV-33584)
  • spider returns parsing failure on valid left join select by translating the on expression to ()(MDEV-33679)
  • Spider: ERROR 12710 (HY000): Invalid information from remote table when using MariaDB 10.5 local and MariaDB 10.6 remote(MDEV-33777)
  • ASAN: heap-use-after-free in memcpy from sql/ on SELECT(MDEV-34003)
  • spider/bugfix.mdev_30727 failing in ASAN builds(MDEV-34036)
  • SIGSEGV in ha_resolve_storage_engine_name, UBSAN: runtime error: index 4294967295 out of bounds for type 'st_plugin_int *[64]'(MDEV-32487)
  • Spider: @@insert_id 128 to TINYINT: Assertion `!is_set() || (m_status == DA_OK_BULK && is_bulk_op())' failed.(MDEV-28105)
  • No spider variables available is Spider is loaded upon server startup(MDEV-33441)


  • mariadb-backup fails to preserve innodb_encrypt_tables(MDEV-33334)
  • MDEV-30968 breaks running mariabackup on older mariadb (opendir(NULL))(MDEV-31251)
  • mariabackup --backup: FATAL ERROR: ... Can't open datafile cool_down/t3(MDEV-33011)
  • mariadb-backup --backup is missing retry logic for undo tablespaces(MDEV-33980)
  • mariabackup --prepare: [ERROR] InnoDB: Crash recovery is broken due to insufficient innodb_log_file_size(MDEV-33540)
  • Crash in mariadb-backup --prepare --export after --prepare(MDEV-33023)
  • mariadb-backup is not considering O/S user when --user option is omitted(MDEV-32893)

Character Sets, Data Types

  • Assertion `!field->prefix_len || field->fixed_len == field->prefix_len' failed in btr_node_ptr_max_size and in dict_index_node_ptr_max_size(MDEV-22855)
  • ORDER BY COLLATE improperly applied to non-character columns(MDEV-33318)
  • Default charset doesn't work with PHP MySQLi extension(MDEV-32975)
  • Bad SEPARATOR value in GROUP_CONCAT on character set conversion(MDEV-33772)
  • ASAN unknown-crash in Inet6::ascii_to_fbt when casting character string to inet6(MDEV-32458)
  • Out of range error in AVG(YEAR(datetime)) due to a wrong data type(MDEV-33496)
  • GREATEST() and LEAST() malfunction for NULL(MDEV-21034)


  • JSON test has problem in view protocol(MDEV-32454)
  • View created via JSON_ARRAYAGG returns incorrect json object (MDEV-30646)
  • SIGSEGV in json_get_path_next | Item_func_json_extract::read_json(MDEV-31402)
  • JSON_TYPE doesnt detect the type of String Values (returns NULL) and for Date/DateTime returns "INTEGER"(MDEV-19487)
  • JSON_REMOVE returns NULL on valid arguments.(MDEV-22141)
  • JSON_EXTRACT not returning multiple values for same path(MDEV-32287)

Encryption, TLS, SSL

Optimization & Tuning

  • Sig11 due to stack overflow in Item_cond::remove_eq_conds(MDEV-33468)
  • Server crashes in JOIN_CACHE::write_record_data upon EXPLAIN with subqueries and constant tables(MDEV-21102)
  • Wrong result with cross Join given join order(MDEV-30975)
  • Wrong warnings on 2-nd execution of PS for query with GROUP_CONCAT(MDEV-31276)
  • Wrong result with semi-join and splittable derived table(MDEV-23878)
  • Crash inside calculate_cond_selectivity_for_table() with many columns(MDEV-33314)
  • Aggregation functions fail to leverage uniqueness property(MDEV-30660)


  • audit plugin do not report user did the action(MDEV-33393)


  • --gtid-ignore-duplicate can double-apply event in case of parallel replication retry(MDEV-33475)
  • Server crash in Rows_log_event::update_sequence upon replaying binary log(MDEV-31779)
  • Slave crashed:reload_acl_and_cache during shutdown(MDEV-30260)
  • Assertion `! thd->transaction_rollback_request' failed in rows_event_stmt_cleanup(MDEV-27512)
  • When binlog_annotate_row_events on , event of binlog file is truncated(MDEV-9179)


  • galera_shutdown_nonprim: mysql_shutdown failed(MDEV-32635)
  • Assertion `!wsrep_has_changes(thd) || (thd->lex->sql_command == SQLCOM_CREATE_TABLE && !thd->is_current_stmt_binlog_format_row()) || thd->wsrep_cs().transaction().state() == wsrep::transaction::s_aborted' failed in void wsrep_commit_empty(THD*, bool)(MDEV-32787)
  • galera_3nodes.galera_ipv6_mysqldump MTR failed: mysql_shutdown failed(MDEV-26499)
  • ASAN reports "stack use after return" in Wsrep_schema_impl::open_table(MDEV-33216)
  • Transactional commit not supported by involved engine(s)(MDEV-33828)
  • Assertion `0' failed in wsrep::transaction::before_rollback(MDEV-22063)
  • Assertion `error.len > 0' failed in wsrep_status_t galera::ReplicatorSMM::handle_apply_error(galera::TrxHandleSlave&, const wsrep_buf_t&, const string&)(MDEV-25089)
  • Assertion `mode_ == m_local' failed in void wsrep::client_state::streaming_params(wsrep::streaming_context::fragment_unit, size_t)(MDEV-25731)
  • Assertion failure on wsrep_thd_is_aborting(MDEV-33928)
  • galera.versioning_trx_id: Test failure: mysqltest: Result content mismatch(MDEV-18590)
  • Failure during the galera_3nodes_sr.GCF-336 test(MDEV-34071)
  • Graceful node shutdown can crash Garbd and Cluster can go non-Primary when SSL is used(MDEV-33495)

SQL, Data Definition, and Data Manipulation

  • Transportable Tablespaces leave AUTO_INCREMENT in mismatched state, causing INSERT errors in newly imported tables when .cfg is not used.(MDEV-18288)
  • wrong row targeted with "insert ... on duplicate" and "replace", leading to data corruption(MDEV-30046)
  • Incorrect DEFAULT expression evaluated in UPDATE(MDEV-33790)
  • Incorrect handling of UPDATE in PS mode in case a table's colum declared as NOT NULL(MDEV-33549)
  • Crash in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE t1 (a INT DEFAULT ?)' USING DEFAULT, UBSAN runtime error: member call on null pointer of type 'struct TABLE_LIST' in Item_param::save_in_field(MDEV-15703)
  • Assertion `active_arena->is_stmt_prepare_or_first_stmt_execute() || active_arena->state == Query_arena::STMT_SP_QUERY_ARGUMENTS' failed. in st_select_lex::fix_prepare_information(MDEV-33218)
  • Wrong result on 2-nd execution of PS to select from view using derived(MDEV-31277)
  • Memory leaks found in some tests run with --ps-protocol against a server built with the option -DWITH_PROTECT_STATEMENT_MEMROOT(MDEV-33767)
  • Memory leak found in the test main.constraints run with --ps-protocol against a server built with the option -DWITH_PROTECT_STATEMENT_MEMROOT(MDEV-33768)
  • The TIMESTAMP value of '1970-01-01 00:00:00' can be indirectly inserted in strict mode(MDEV-34088)
  • Zero datetime reinterprets as '1970-01-01 00:00:00' on field_datetime=field_timestamp(MDEV-34069)
  • unix_timestamp(coalesce(timestamp_column)) returns NULL on '1970-01-01 00:00:00.000001'(MDEV-34061)
  • Server Crash using UDF in WHERE clause of VIEW(MDEV-24507)
  • Update for portion changes autoincrement key in period table(MDEV-25370)
  • CREATE TABLE with generated column and RLIKE results in sigabrt(MDEV-21058)
  • Assertion `! thd->transaction_rollback_request' failed in rows_event_stmt_cleanup(MDEV-27512)

Platforms & Packaging

  • memlock with systemd still not working even with MDEV-9095 fix(MDEV-33301)
  • Ubuntu/Debian MYSQL_SERVER_SUFFIX is version+suffix on MariaDB packaged versions(MDEV-33631)
  • Parameter 'CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR=$(DEB_HOST_ARCH)' is not needed anymore to crosscompile Debian packages(MDEV-32935)



  • CentOS 7 MariaDB 10.5 build jobs failing "Invalid capability: cap "%caps(cap_ipc_lock=pe"(MDEV-33636)
  • CMake : use documented variable ZLIB_LIBRARIES, rather than ZLIB_LIBRARY(MDEV-33876)
  • MariaDB does not make full use of pkgconfig(MDEV-29955)

Information Schema

  • multi_source.MDEV-9544 , multi_source.info_logs failed in buildbot with AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free in strend / get_one_variable(MDEV-19415)

Scripts & Clients

  • Commands start-all-slaves and stop-all-slaves are not listed in mysqladmin help(MDEV-21864)
  • [PATCH] mysqldump --dump-slave=2 --master-data=2 doesn't record both(MDEV-4827)
  • Loading time zones does not work with alter_algorithm INPLACE(MDEV-33044)
  • mariadb-dump trusts the server and does not validate the data(MDEV-33727)
  • Disable system commands in mysql/mariadb client(MDEV-21778)


  • lf_alloc isn't safe on aarch64 (or ppc64le)(MDEV-28430)
  • UBSAN: Negation of -X cannot be represented in type 'long long int'; cast to an unsigned type to negate this value to itself in my_double_round from sql/|(MDEV-33534)
  • Original IP not shown in network related error messages when proxy_protocol is in use(MDEV-33506)
  • Error 4162 "Operator does not exists" is incorrectly-worded(MDEV-33803)
  • tpool - switch off maintenance timer when not needed (MDEV-33840)
  • Server incorrectly describes known variables as UNKNOWN if invalid values are specified at startup(MDEV-33469)
  • UBSAN: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 2148 * 1000000 cannot be represented in type 'int'(MDEV-34063)
  • update case insensitive (large) unique key with insensitive change of value - duplicate key(MDEV-29345)
  • MariaDB will abort server startup if it finds an invalid parameter, but won't check for other invalid params(MDEV-26923)
  • main.query_cache fails with embedded after enabling WITH_PROTECT_STATEMENT_MEMROOT(MDEV-33861)



For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.5.25, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

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