MariaDB SkySQL

MariaDB SkySQL cloud database service (DBaaS) delivers MariaDB Platform on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB Corporation. (Frequently Asked Questions, Contact Us)

Latest release: 2020-12-16 (What's New?)

Features and Benefits

Workload-Optimized Services

MariaDB SkySQL is optimized for transactional, analytical, HTAP, and distributed SQL workloads.

MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB SkySQL features production-ready MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 and 10.4 with the latest enterprise enhancements like hot online backups and audit logging.

Designed for Compliance and Infosec

MariaDB SkySQL is designed for compliance and information security with data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption, isolation, and cross-region replicas for DR.

Operationally Aware

MariaDB SkySQL boosts operational awareness with MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring and Workload Analysis.

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SkySQL Documentation

Features and Services

Content includes: Cloud Providers, Instance Sizes, Operational Benefits, Power Tier, Pricing, Regions and Zones, SkyDBA, SLA, Support, Workload Capabilities

Designing for SkySQL

Content includes: Availability, Compatibility, Latency, Lift-and-Shift, Limitations, Migration, Scaling, Security, Server Features

Clients and Connectors

Content includes: Client-specific instructions, MariaDB Connector-specific instructions

Operating Instructions

Content includes: Accounts, Backup/Restore, Configuration Manager, Data Loading, Estimated Charges, Management, Monitoring, Replication, Upgrades, Workload Analysis

SkySQL Reference

Reference content includes: MariaDB Enterprise Server, Reference Tables, Sample Apps, SkySQL Portal User Interfaces

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