MariaDB SkySQL


MariaDB SkySQL cloud database service (DBaaS) delivers MariaDB Enterprise on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB Corporation. (Frequently Asked Questions, Contact Us).

Latest release: 2021-08-09 (What's New?)

Features and Benefits

  • Workload-optimized services: MariaDB SkySQL is optimized for transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads.

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server: MariaDB SkySQL features production-ready MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 and 10.4 with the latest enterprise enhancements like hot online backups and audit logging.

  • Designed for compliance and infosec: MariaDB SkySQL supports data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption, isolation, and cross-region replicas for DR.

  • Operationally aware: MariaDB SkySQL boosts operational awareness with MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring and Workload Analysis.

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SkySQL Documentation




Get Started

  • Guided walkthrough

  • Sign-up, launch, connect, import data

  • Sample applications

About SkySQL

  • Pricing

  • SLA

  • Support Plans, SkyDBA

  • MariaDB Enterprise, MariaDB Enterprise Server

Clients and Connectors

  • Connect to SkySQL services

  • MariaDB clients and tools

  • MariaDB connectors (C, Java, Node.js, ODBC, Python)

  • Third-party client instructions

Configuration Options

  • Cloud providers, regions and zones, instance sizes, storage

  • Cross-region replicas, replication, VPC peering, AWS PrivateLink

  • Custom configuration, Power Tier

Data Loading

  • Loading data to analytical services

  • Loading data to transactional services

Designing for SkySQL

  • Availability, latency, scalability, security

  • Character sets, collations, max connections

  • Compatibility, on-premises vs DBaaS


  • Migration to SkySQL

  • Lift-and-Shift to SkySQL from an existing MariaDB server

  • POC deployments

  • Test environments


  • Service launch, details, deletion, start/stop

  • Backup/restore, logs, upgrades, actions by request

  • Scale up/down

  • HTAP replication


  • Portal accounts, teams, database user accounts

  • IP whitelist for services, IP whitelist for monitoring

  • Enterprise Audit, data-at-rest encryption, data-in-transit encryption

  • Report a security concern, request SkySQL account removal


  • Analytics

  • Distributed SQL

  • Smart Transactions (HTAP)

  • Transactions: HA (Primary/Replica), Galera Cluster, standalone