MariaDB SkySQL


MariaDB SkySQL is a cloud database service (DBaaS) from MariaDB Corporation:

  • MariaDB SkySQL delivers MariaDB Enterprise, a comprehensive data platform for modern applications

  • MariaDB SkySQL runs on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure

  • Questions? See our FAQ or contact us

  • Latest release: 2022-05-05 (What's New?)

Get Started

Quickstart will get you up and running with MariaDB SkySQL. We'll launch a service, then perform a simple test from Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, or a desktop client.

SkySQL Services

SkySQL services are optimized for your workload:


Use Case

Distributed Transactions

Read/write scale applications with high concurrency and availability

Replicated Transactions

Read scale applications with high availability

Single Node Transactions

Smaller datasets with moderate concurrency

Multi-Node Analytics

Run complex analytical queries on large datasets

Single Node Analytics

Run complex analytical queries

SkySQL Documentation





  • This guided walkthrough will get you started quick, launching your first SkySQL service then connecting, loading data, and querying your database.

Features and Concepts

  • This SkySQL overview explains how to select the SkySQL service optimized for your use case, and how SkySQL can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Service Management

  • These operating instructions for SkySQL services detail:

    • How to launch services

    • How to manage services

    • How to monitor services and access log data

    • How to understand server status and service status

    • How to access billing information

    • How to configure available options

Connect and Query

  • Connect quickly and securely to your SkySQL services with instructions for:

    • Desktop clients

    • Command-line scripts

    • C

    • C++

    • Java

    • Java R2DBC

    • Node.js

    • ODBC API

    • Python

    • Business Intelligence platforms

Data Operations

  • Data operations ensure the availability and integrity of data. Detailed information and instructions explain:

    • Automated nightly backups

    • Self-service manual backups

    • Restoring from backups

    • Exporting data

    • Importing data

    • Replication


  • Migrate to MariaDB SkySQL


  • MariaDB SkySQL incorporates features focused on enterprise governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and information security (infosec) requirements. Here we detail:

    • User accounts

    • Permissions

    • Encryption

    • Allowlists

    • Audit features

SQL Reference

  • Detailed reference and examples for:

    • Localization with character sets and collations


Detailed reference is provided for each SkySQL interface: