Connect to MariaDB SkySQL

Extended information on how to connect to SkySQL and how to configure specific clients to connect to SkySQL is available, but here are the basics:

  • Clients

    You can connect to database services on SkySQL using the MariaDB command-line client, MariaDB connectors, and many third-party clients and connectors.

  • Service State

    Database services are ready for connections when they are in "Healthy" state in the SkySQL portal.

  • IP Whitelist

    Before you can connect to a database service, you must whitelist the external (Internet-facing) IP address of the system that will be connecting.

  • TCP Port

    Connections to database services use a specific TCP port, which can be found in the Service Details page in the SkySQL portal. SkySQL doesn't use the MariaDB default port, 3306, so you will need to provide the port to your client or connector.

  • Hostname

    The hostname for your database service is listed on the Service Details page in the SkySQL portal as its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). ping, dig, or nslookup can be used to confirm that hostname properly resolves in DNS.


    Connections to services use data-in-transit encryption with SSL/TLS. Download the "Certificate Authority Chain" here or from the Service Details page in SkySQL portal and provide this to your client or connector.

  • Username and Password

    Connections to services require authentication. When you first start your service, you will authenticate using the "Temporary Service Login Credentials" linked from the Service Details page on the SkySQL portal. You may authenticate using users and passwords you set once you have created users and granted privileges.

Additional Information

Additional information is available on these topics:

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