Service Management


SkySQL Services are managed using the SkySQL Portal or SkySQL DBaaS API.

Assistance is available from SkySQL Support.


  • How do I access billing information?

Contact Support

  • How do I contact SkySQL support?

  • What operational tasks does SkySQL support perform?


  • How do I launch a SkySQL service?


  • What logs are available?

  • How do I access log data?


  • How do I monitor my services?

  • How can I check server status or service status?


  • How can I list my services?

  • How do I start or stop a service?

  • How do I delete a service?

  • How do I scale up or scale down the node count?

  • How do I upgrade my service?

  • How can I manage storage?


  • How do I configure options?

    • AWS PrivateLink

    • Cross-region DR replicas

    • Custom Configuration

    • Custom Instance Sizes

    • Database Account 2FA (two-factor authentication)

    • Database Account LDAP

    • Disable SSL/TLS

    • MaxScale Redundancy

    • Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) Configuration

    • Replication

    • Single-Zone Deployment

    • SkySQL Portal Enterprise Authentication (SSO)

    • SkySQL Teams

    • VPC Peering

Upgrades and downgrades

  • How do I upgrade?