Account Information

Billing details can be viewed by clicking on the profile name (upper right) and clicking on "Billing" in the drop down menu. This will show the Account Information page.

For Team accounts, only the Team owner has access to Account Information. When on a SkySQL Team, or as a remittance customer, details such as customer address may not be displayed in Account Information.

Billing Questions

Billing questions can be sent to


Pricing and charges are displayed to make it easy for you to track your spend in different ways. Many factors affect pricing. See Pricing for more information.

Before Launch

At the time a service is created but before it is launched, MariaDB SkySQL provides the "Estimated Service Cost" for estimated per hour pricing for the service that has been specified.

Per Service

To see the cost of a single service, click on the ">" to the left of the service on the "Your services" page and click on the ">" to the left of "Current Charges" in the "Spending" section.

For All Services

To see total current charges for all services, click on the account profile (upper right) and click on "Billing" in the drop down menu. This will take you to the "Account Information" page and displays the "Current Month's Estimated Billing Amount".

Payment Methods

MariaDB SkySQL payments occur by credit card or remittance account.

  • All major credit cards are accepted for SkySQL account payment. Credit card information is entered on first service launch, and can be managed on the Account Information page. For Team accounts, only the Team owner has access to Account Information.

  • It is possible to structure SkySQL payments via remittance account. Please contact us for more information.

Billing Communications

Billing communications for SkySQL accounts are sent via email. The email address used is the one for the MariaDB ID associated with the MariaDB SkySQL account.

MariaDB SkySQL may send automated emails, when applicable, for retry and dunning when accounts are past due, credit card expiration notifications, invoice notifications, and subscription cancellations.


MariaDB SkySQL accounts will be canceled and service suspended for non-payment. Attempts will be made via email to notify the account holder if there is a payment problem with the account. If no remedial action has been taken by the customer after 30 days, the account will be canceled and service ended.

Estimated Charges

  • Current month's estimated billing is provided on the Account Information page. For Team accounts, only the Team owner has access to Account Information. Estimated billing does not currently provide detail on egress, certain metered storage, and applicable taxes.

  • Estimated charges are updated six times per day.

  • Variable charges, such as object storage and network egress, are updated the day prior to the last day of the month.

  • Taxes are not included in the estimated charges.

  • Service credits issued based on SLA will be included in coupons and service credits.

  • Instances can be stopped to save money. While stopped, additional instance and egress charges will not accrue, but you will continue to be charged for storage.

  • Contact with billing questions.



When you first sign up for SkySQL, you may receive a zero dollar paid invoice. This is confirmation that your billing account has been configured. No action is required on your part and you have not been charged for any services.

Invoices for MariaDB SkySQL are sent by email on subscription renewal. Subscription renewal occurs at 12:00 PM local time on the last day of the month. Accounts using a credit card are charged at this time.

The invoice includes the total usage (all services) for the billing period and invoice. Charges are shown in US dollars or Euros depending on your account country. When charged in Euros, we convert USD prices using the conversion rates at the time of billing as published by reliable public facing institutions.

The invoice notification email will be sent from "" and will include a link with a "chargifypay" URL that will look similar to the example below (where ### is substituted for the invoice number and token number):

Charges to the credit card appear with the MARIADB SKYSQL descriptor.

Billing is done per account on a unified invoice that itemizes all charges including cloud database costs, optional load balancer costs, support, storage, storage IOPS, data transfer/egress, and taxes.

On-Demand Database and Load Balancer Costs

Usage for On-Demand database instances for both single- and multi-zone deployments, and for load balancer instances deployed in the MaxScale Redundancy option, is billed per database instance-hour consumed, from the time an instance is launched until it is stopped or deleted. Partial database instance-hours are billed in one-second increments.

The following fields are included in invoices:

  • Item: Database instance charges will appear on your invoice summarized by provider, instance size, and region.

  • Quantity: The number of minutes, to 2 decimal places, that the database instance used.

  • Unit Price: The price per minute for the database instance. (See Pricing for details).

  • Amount: The total cost for the database instance for the billing period.

Choice of region affects the cost of running database instances. Multi-region deployment costs are billed depending on the number and location of regions selected.

MariaDB charges the on-demand instance cost, and data storage cost for each SkySQL data-bearing server. For a replica set, the number of servers equals the replication factor provisioned during deployment.


MariaDB charges for storage capacity depending on storage size and the cost charged by the cloud service provider.

For AWS, storage is billed at the AWS Standard Storage price for the amount used and appears on your invoice as "AWS Zonal SSD PD Multi Metered" or "AWS Storage Metered". Storage IOPS are billed at the Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) Volumes price for the amount used and appears on your invoice as "AWS Volume-IOPS-io1".

For GCP, storage is billed at the GCP Standard Storage price for the amount used and appears on your invoice as "GCP Zonal SSD PD Metered" or "GCP Storage Metered".


Standard support is included with Foundation Tier services and will not appear as a line item on your invoice. If you have an upgraded support plan, the total support cost for the month will be listed on your invoice.

Data Transfer/Egress

MariaDB SkySQL data transfer costs depend on the cloud service provider. MariaDB SkySQL charges for outgoing data transfers (egress). Incoming data transfers (ingress) are free. MariaDB tabulates SkySQL data transfer costs daily.

Cloud service provider costs may vary depending on where the Kubernetes cluster was deployed and other factors.