Options for innochecksum in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6




--allow-mismatches (-a)

Maximum checksum mismatch allowed.

--count (-c)

Print the count of pages in the file and exits.

--end-page (-e)

End at this page number (0 based).

--help (-?)

Displays this help and exits.

--info (-I)

Synonym for --help.

--leaf (-f)

Examine leaf index pages

--log (-l)

log output.

--merge (-m)

leaf page count if merge given number of consecutive pages

--no-check (-n)

Ignore the checksum verification.

--page (-p)

Check only this page (0 based).

--page-type-dump (-D)

Dump the page type info for each page in a tablespace.

--page-type-summary (-S)

Display a count of each page type in a tablespace.

--per-page-details (-i)

Print out per-page detail information.

--start-page (-s)

Start on this page number (0 based).

--verbose (-v)

Verbose (prints progress every 5 seconds).

--version (-V)

Displays version information and exits.

--write (-w)

Rewrite the checksum.