Building MaxScale from source with Vagrant and Puppet

MaxScale for MariaDB and MySQL hides the complexity of database scaling from the application. To streamline building MaxScale from source and running the test suite, you can automate the process with some useful tools to meet your needs.

I have created a Vagrant / Puppet setup that takes care of:

  • Creating a build / test VM with all necessary stuff installed
  • Checking out MaxScale source from git (with repository and branch being configurable)
  • Configuring the build system
  • Building and installing MaxScale
  • Starting a set of mysqld instances configured as master/slave set ready for being used by the test suite

With this set up, a virtual MaxScale build/test machine is only a “git clone” and a “vagrant up” away from you.

You can find the source for this setup at GitHub as well as its README that has more detailed information on it’s usage and inner works.