Reference for MariaDB Enterprise Server


Reference material is available here for MariaDB Enterprise Server on MariaDB SkySQL.

This includes MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB ColumnStore, all on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB Corporation.

MariaDB Enterprise Server Reference for SkySQL

Character Sets

Character sets use different character encodings tailored for different languages


Collations use different sorting and comparison rules tailored for different languages and use cases

Command-Line Interfaces

Command-line utilities for connecting, configuration, data loading, and troubleshooting

Data Types

Data types define the type of data a column can store

Error Codes

Error codes are used to identify each specific type of error


Built-in functions are provided to simplify common programming tasks

Information Schema

Information schema provides general information about the server and its database objects


Operators are keywords and symbols used to perform common arithmetic, logical, and matching operations

Performance Schema

Performance schema records metrics for troubleshooting performance related issues and events


Plugins provide optional features that can be installed


Privileges can be granted to users to control who can perform what actions

Reserved Words

Reserved words cannot be used in queries and object names without being quoted

SQL Statements

Structured Query Language (SQL) statements enable the reading and writing of data within the database.

Status Variables

Status variables contain information about the current state of the server or session

System Tables

System tables contain general settings, like user accounts, MariaDB Enterprise Audit filters, and plugin configuration

System Variables

Variables that can be queried, set, and filtered for configuration and monitoring

Sys Database Table Schema

System status VIEWs in the SYS database

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