Comments - impossible to set root user

2 months ago Ian Gilfillan

In 10.3, the mysql.user table can be updated directly with something like the following:

1) Start the server --skip-grant-tables.

2) Connect and run the following SQL:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Select_priv="Y",Insert_priv="Y", Delete_priv="Y", Create_priv="Y", Drop_priv="Y", Reload_priv="Y", Shutdown_priv="Y", Process_priv="Y", File_priv="Y", Grant_priv="Y", References_priv="Y", Index_priv="Y", Alter_priv="Y", Show_db_priv="Y", Super_priv="Y", Create_tmp_table_priv="Y", Lock_tables_priv="Y", Execute_priv="Y", Repl_slave_priv="Y", Repl_client_priv="Y", Create_view_priv="Y", Show_view_priv="Y", Create_routine_priv="Y", Alter_routine_priv="Y", Create_user_priv="Y", Event_priv="Y", Trigger_priv="Y", Create_tablespace_priv="Y", Delete_history_priv="Y" WHERE Host="localhost" AND User="root";


4) Exit, and start the server normally

The above will not work from MariaDB 10.4, which introduced the mysql.global_priv table.

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