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Release date: 9 May 2019

MariaDB 10.2 is the previous stable series of MariaDB. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.1 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL 5.6 and 5.7.

MariaDB 10.2.24 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.2 see the What is MariaDB 10.2? page.

Upgrading from earlier 10.2.x versions is highly recommended for all Galera users due to bug MDEV-12837 which caused serious stability issues with earlier versions. See the bug issue page for more information.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Changes

General server

  • MDEV-18968 - Both (WHERE 0.1) and (WHERE NOT 0.1) return empty set
  • MDEV-18466 - Unsafe to log updates on tables referenced by foreign keys with triggers in statement format
  • MDEV-18899 - Server crashes in Field::set_warning_truncated_wrong_value
  • MDEV-18298 - Crashes server with segfault during role grants
  • MDEV-17610 - Unexpected connection abort after certain operations from within stored procedure
  • MDEV-19112 - WITH clause does not work with information_schema as default database
  • MDEV-17830 - Server crashes in Item_null_result::field_type upon SELECT with CHARSET(date) and ROLLUP
  • MDEV-14041 - Server crashes in String::length on queries with functions and ROLLUP
  • MDEV-18920 - Prepared statements with st_convexhull hang and eat 100% cpu.
  • MDEV-15837 - Assertion item1->type() == Item::FIELD_ITEM && item2->type() == Item::FIELD_ITEM
  • MDEV-9531 - GROUP_CONCAT with ORDER BY inside takes a lot of memory while it's executed
  • MDEV-17036 - BULK with replace doesn't take the first parameter in account
  • MDEV-19350 - Server crashes in delete_tree_element / ... / Item_func_group_concat::repack_tree
  • MDEV-19188 - Server Crash When Using a Trigger With A Number of Virtual Columns on INSERT/UPDATE
  • MDEV-19352 - Server crash in alloc_histograms_for_table_share upon query from information schema



  • MDEV-14398 - innodb_encrypt_tables will work even with innodb_encryption_rotate_key_age=0


  • MDEV-17036 - BULK with replace doesn't take the first parameter in account


  • MDEV-14784 - Slave crashes in show_status_array upon running a trigger with select from I_S


  • MDEV-19060 - mariabackup continues, despite failing to open a tablespace

Packaging & Misc


  • MDEV-18686 - Add option to PAM authentication plugin to allow case insensitive username matching
  • bugfix - multi-update checked privileges on views incorrectly (commit 5057d4637525eadad438d25ee6a4870a4e6b384c)
  • MDEV-19276 - during connect, write error log warning for ER_DBACCESS_DENIED_ERROR, if log_warnings > 1
  • MDEV-17456 - Malicious SUPER user can possibly change audit log configuration without leaving traces.

When upgrading from MariaDB 10.2.16 or earlier to MariaDB 10.2.17 or higher,
running mysql_upgrade is required due to changes introduced in MDEV-14637.


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.2.24 with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


For a full list of contributors to MariaDB 10.2.24, see the MariaDB Foundation release announcement.

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MariaDB may already be included in your favorite OS distribution. More information can be found on the Distributions which Include MariaDB page.


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