MariaDB User Conference M|17 Recap – Video Recordings Now Available

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our first-ever MariaDB user conference in New York City on April 11-12. Thank you also to our sponsors for their generous support: Amazon Web Services, Galera Cluster, Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Monyog, Intel, Alibaba Cloud, eperi, Navicat, MariaDB Foundation, diginomica, insideBIGDATA and

Couldn’t make the event or want to relive your favorite session? Access all the M|17 video recordings.

Keynote Highlights


  • “The Open Source Mandate” with MariaDB CEO Michael Howard discussed how the changes in today’s world can only be handled with technology that is a reflection of our times and the strategic benefit of open source.
  • “DBS Bank’s Journey to Open Source” with Joan Tay Kim Choo, DBS Bank’s Executive Director of Technology & Operations, shared their process for migrating from a proprietary database system to MariaDB.
  • “How Chips and Databases Change Everything” with MariaDB Chief Product Officer Roger Bodamer provided a sneak peek into the MariaDB roadmap.
  • “Open Source in a Dangerous World” with RedHat’s Gunnar Kellekson urged caution when considering the various flavors of open source, and provided a guide to help choose the right open source solution while maintaining security and stability.
  • “Everything Old is New Again: the Return of Relational” with MariaDB CTO Monty Widenius and CMO Cate Lochead in a fireside chat, discussed the evolving database landscape and MariaDB as the world’s open source database choice.

Session Highlights


  • “Visual Analysis of Health Data at UW IHME” with Andrew Ernst, Assistant Director of Infrastructure at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, demonstrated how MariaDB ColumnStore is deployed in the real world to help transform data into policy.
  • “Moving Off Oracle Enterprise and into the Cloud” with Amazon Web Services Technical Evangelist Darin Briskman shared tools and best practices for users to unshackle from legacy databases and migrate to MariaDB in the cloud.
  • “How Alibaba Collaborates with MariaDB” featured senior engineers from Alibaba who explained how the mega cloud company collaborates with MariaDB to enhance features, like sequence, design and code, multi-source replication, flashback and more.
  • “Deep Dive: The Nuts and Bolts in MaxScale, a DB Proxy” provided an in-depth overview of MariaDB MaxScale’s security and scaling capabilities, and featured a hands-on demonstration.


Attendees traveled to New York from all over the globe – from as far away as Asia and Europe, to learn about MariaDB and network with peers.





Thanks to the attendees and our amazing speakers, we were trending on Twitter. Here’s a few of our favorite conference tweets.

@ernstae: Thanks NYC for a great (but short) trip, and shouts out to the great #MariaDBM17 conference! Great work @mariadb!

@JahnelGroup: We had such a great time in #NYC the past couple of days at the #MariaDBM17 #tech conference! #opensource #bigdata #analytics

@Brazingo: #MariaDBM17 3 excellent keynotes – short 30 min and not dragging on – CEO, CPO and user DBS Bank – great content

@diginomica: Alibaba on #opensource and cloud business in China – live from #MariaDBM17 ->a different scale requires new thinking


M|18 to be announced soon

In the next few weeks, we’ll release the dates for our next MariaDB user conference, M|18. Be on the lookout for the announcement!