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All About MariaDB MaxScale Database Proxy For Read-Write Splitting

In this article, you will learn about database proxies and how to connect a Java web service, implemented with Spring … Continued

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MariaDB MaxScale 6.0 Native Clustering

MaxScale 6.0 introduced native clustering, allowing several MaxScale instances to communicate and share configuration updates with each other. In this … Continued

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How to Manage NoSQL Data with MariaDB

Learn how MariaDB MaxScale, an advanced database proxy, listens for traffic containing NoSQL data that can be stored and managed within a MariaDB database.

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What’s New in MariaDB MaxScale 6

The newest version of MariaDB MaxScale is now available and includes new features such as a Query Editor, Kafka Importer and NoSQL Listener.

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A Typical Journey Migrating to MariaDB from Oracle

Use SQL compatibility mode and easy-to-create regex filters that rewrite live queries to simplify migrating to MariaDB.

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MaxScale Redundancy on MariaDB SkySQL

MariaDB SkySQL now includes a MaxScale Redundancy option, which enables the deployment of multiple MaxScale load balancers for transparent high availability.

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Announcing General Availability of Distributed SQL in a Feature-rich Release of MariaDB SkySQL

This new release of SkySQL includes the GA of Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, support across AWS and GCP, and MaxScale redundancy.

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Getting started with the MariaDB MaxScale GUI

MariaDB MaxScale 2.5 delivers many new features, including MaxScale GUI, a graphic user interface for managing MaxScale. This blog instructs how to install and configure the MaxScale GUI.

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MariaDB MaxScale 2.5 Cooperative Monitoring

With the release of MariaDB MaxScale 2.5, if the primary node in a replication deployment fails, cooperative monitoring can automatically designate a new primary node.

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Introducing MariaDB Platform X5: the any-workload database, now at any scale

MariaDB Platform X5 introduces scalable transaction processing: distributed SQL. Distributed non-relational (NoSQL) databases abound, but there are very few distributed SQL databases – and none like MariaDB Platform. Learn what sets it apart.

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