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Connecting to Oracle from MariaDB Enterprise Server using Spider

The Spider Storage Engine was originally created to implement sharding for MariaDB, where Spider acts as a link from one … Continued

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Visma Proceedo Migrates to MariaDB unlocking more than 2x better response times and cost savings

A database is one of the most essential elements of an IT infrastructure, enabling the collection, storage, retrieval, management and … Continued

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A Typical Journey Migrating to MariaDB from Oracle

Use SQL compatibility mode and easy-to-create regex filters that rewrite live queries to simplify migrating to MariaDB.

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You Know You Want To: Migrate from Oracle to MariaDB

Over the past few years, MariaDB Corporation has heard from countless Oracle database users seeking to replace their database platform … Continued

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What Does It Take to Achieve Freedom from Oracle? 5 Factors That Made One Company Take the Leap

Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) was looking to evolve its credit strategy and loan-origination services after more than 30 years in … Continued

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