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Anders Karlsson

Principal Sales Engineer, MariaDB
Anders Karlsson has spent many years in the database industry, working for companies such as Oracle, Informix and MySQL. He works at MariaDB Corporation as Principal Sales Engineer since 2012.

MariaDB Bulk Load API

There are several ways to load data into MariaDB Platform, and some are better than others. The two basic ways are either to use LOAD DATA INFILE / LOAD DATA…

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JSON with MariaDB Platform: What Is JSON and Why Use…

This is an update of the popular post on JSON with MariaDB 10.2. We’ve brought the details up-to-date with the latest MariaDB releases.  What is JSON and why use it?…

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Setting up a DBA port using MaxScale

Introduction MariaDB MaxScale can do a few more things than you might think about at first. For example, you can have multiple Routers for the same set of servers. Why would…

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Using MariaDB Backup and MariaDB MaxScale to Scale Online

This blog post is rather practical. What it aims to show is how we can use a script that in turn uses MariaDB Backup to back up a MariaDB Server master,…

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Getting Started with MariaDB MaxScale Database Firewall Filter

MariaDB Server and MariaDB MaxScale provides a secure, high-performance database platform. Some aspects of security goes into MariaDB Server and some into MariaDB MaxScale. This blog post describes one of…

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