The most recent release of MariaDB 10.3 is:
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MariaDB 10.3 is the current major development version.

Do not use beta releases in production!

The following lists the major new features in MariaDB 10.3:

Implemented Features

Syntax / General Features




  • Temporary files created by merge sort and row log are encrypted if innodb_encrypt_log is set to 1, regardless of whether the table encrypted or not (MDEV-12634).


Storage Engines


The Spider storage engine has been updated to 3.3.13. The partitioning storage engine has been updated to support all the new Spider features including:

Most of the features were done as part of MDEV-7698.


  • OQGraph now supports the "leaves" algorithm (MDEV-11271) — contribution by Heinz Wiesinger

Partition Engine

  • Numerous improvements for the partition engine (MDEV-7698) — contribution by Kentoku Shiba
    • Full text support.
    • Multi-range-read (Gives better performance when handling multiple ranges).
    • Support for condition pushdown.
    • HANDLER support
  • Aggregate pushdown
  • Bulk update/delete


Global-Transaction ID

  • New system variable gtid_pos_auto_engines for improving performance if a server is using multiple different storage engines in different transactions (MDEV-12179)

Data Type API

10.3 continues refactoring for the data type API started in 10.2, which will make it possible to have user data type plugins. This work is still in progress (see MDEV-4912 for the current status and subtasks). Most of the task in this category do not change the server behavior. Some tasks do have a visible effect.

Idle Transactions

Connections with idle transactions can be automatically killed after a specified time period by means of the idle_transaction_timeout, idle_readonly_transaction_timeout and idle_write_transaction_timeout system variables.

System Variables

For a list of all new variables, see System Variables Added in MariaDB 10.3 and Status Variables Added in MariaDB 10.3.

Comparison with MySQL

List of All MariaDB 10.3 Releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
23 Dec 2017MariaDB 10.3.3BetaRelease NotesChangelog
9 Oct 2017MariaDB 10.3.2AlphaRelease NotesChangelog
29 Aug 2017MariaDB 10.3.1AlphaRelease NotesChangelog
16 Apr 2017MariaDB 10.3.0AlphaRelease NotesChangelog

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