MariaDB 10.3 will be the next major development version. There are currently no releases. MariaDB 10.2 is the current major development version and, being a release candidate, is mostly feature-complete, so major new features will be going into 10.3.

The following lists the major new features in MariaDB 10.3:

Implemented Features

Syntax / general features


When running with sql_mode=ORACLE, the server now understands a subset of Oracle's PL/SQL language instead of the traditional MariaDB syntax for stored routines. See MDEV-10142, MDEV-10764 and MariaDB-10.3.0 release notes to know the current status.

Data type API

10.3 continues refactoring for the data type API started in 10.2, which will make it possible to have user data type plugins. This work is still in progress (see MDEV-4912 for the current status and subtasks). Most of the task in this category do not change the server behavior. Some tasks do have a visible effect.

List of all MariaDB 10.3 releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
16 Apr 2017MariaDB 10.3.0AlphaRelease NotesChangelog

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