MariaDB SkySQL on AWS, now in tech preview

We’re happy to announce the tech preview of MariaDB SkySQL on AWS. With SkySQL, AWS customers have access to a robust, scalable MariaDB database service with support from the source, the company building the database.

As part of this release, SkySQL customers can deploy transactional database services, including single node, multi-node for high availability and distributed SQL for scalability with a click of a button.

MariaDB SkySQL Interface

Easy deployment, now with AWS support (tech preview)

Customers can login to the SkySQL portal and pick their public cloud of choice between GCP and AWS, all from a single portal interface. In this release, SkySQL on AWS supports three AWS cloud regions: us-east-2, eu-central-1 and ap-southeast-1, essentially covering the entire planet for our AWS customers. As with GCP, advanced configuration changes can be done using the Configuration Manager to further customize the behavior of the database service all within the user friendly portal environment.

SkySQL Monitoring: Single pane of glass

SkySQL Monitoring has been extended to support AWS as well in this release.Now customers can not only deploy SkySQL services in two different popular public clouds, but they can also monitor all database services from a single monitoring interface.

SkySQL Monitoring: Your Services

Single pane of glass to monitor MariaDB SkySQL on GCP and AWS.

In addition, customers deploying MariaDB for distributed SQL on SkySQL can utilize advanced monitoring features such as the Xpand rebalancer status from the monitoring interfacing, saving timeless hours looking at server logs.

SkySQL Advanced Monitoring Interface

Monitor MariaDB for distributed SQL specific features, such as the status of the rebalancer.


SkySQL Alerts and Notifications (tech preview)

With this release, we’re also happy to introduce new alerting and notifications. This is in tech preview so we’d love to hear your experience with it.

SkyQL Alert & Notification Settings

Configure alerts and notifications in SkySQL. Activate or deactivate as desired.

Alerts and Notifications allows users to define alerts in a user friendly intuitive interface:

SkySQL Custom Alert Configuration

Simple and powerful interface in SkySQL to define rules for alerts and notifications.

Custom Email Notification

Configure alerts and notification channels – email now with more options coming in the future.

We are excited to make SkySQL on AWS available as a tech preview. We welcome you to log into SkySQL to try it today.

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