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MariaDB Xpand Crunches Cockroach with Sysbench

Benchmark shows MariaDB Xpand outscales and outperforms CockroachDB.

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The Xpand Difference

MariaDB Xpand is serverless architecture par excellence. A discussion of the architecture, how it works, and how it delivers outstanding performance.

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Achieving High Performance, Parallel Replication in MariaDB Xpand

Use cases, architecture, and performance proofs for MariaDB Xpand 6.0 new parallel replication.

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What’s new in MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0

The first GA release of MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0. delivers new features and enhancements including data exchange improvements, a custom logging API, and more.

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Connection Lifecycle for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6

In this blog, we take a look at the connection lifecycle when connecting from a client to MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6 over TCP/IP.

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Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.7 GA and 10.8 RC

Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.7 GA and MariaDB Community Server 10.8 RC.

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