TokuDB has been deprecated by its upstream maintainer. It is disabled from MariaDB 10.5 and has been been removed in MariaDB 10.6 - MDEV-19780. We recommend MyRocks as a long-term migration path.

TokuDB 存储引擎适用于高性能和写入密集型环境,提供更高的压缩比和更好的性能。它在开源版本中可用,包含在 64 位 MariaDB 中(但默认情况下未启用),以及可从 Tokutek 获得的企业版。

它有一个开源版本,包含在 64 位 MariaDB 中(但默认情况下未启用),以及可从 Tokutek 获得的企业版。

官方 TokuDB 产品规格和手册可在 Percona 网站上找到。请参见:

TokuDB is available on the following distributions:

CentOS 6 64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.36 and MariaDB 10.0.9
Debian 7 "wheezy"64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.33 and MariaDB 10.0.5
Fedora 19 64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.33 and MariaDB 10.0.5
openSUSE 13.1 64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.41 and MariaDB 10.0.15
Red Hat 6 64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.36 and MariaDB 10.0.9
Ubuntu 12.10 "quantal" 64-bit and newerMariaDB 5.5.33 and MariaDB 10.0.5

请注意,tokudb_pk_insert_mode 的默认值将阻止行复制工作。要使用 RBR,请更改此变量的值。

MariaDB 中包含的 TokuDB 插件版本

TokuDB VersionIntroducedMaturity
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.49-89.0MariaDB 10.1.46Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.46-86.2MariaDB 10.1.44Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.43-84.3MariaDB 10.1.39Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.42-84.2MariaDB 10.0.38Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.41-84.1MariaDB 10.1.36, MariaDB 10.0.37Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.39-83.1MariaDB 10.0.35Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.38-83.0MariaDB 10.1.31, MariaDB 10.0.34Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.37-82.2MariaDB 10.2.9, MariaDB 10.1.27, MariaDB 10.0.33Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.36-82.1MariaDB 10.2.8, MariaDB 10.1.26, MariaDB 10.0.32Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.36-82.0MariaDB 10.2.7, MariaDB 10.1.24, MariaDB 10.0.31Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.35-80.0MariaDB 10.2.5, MariaDB 10.1.22, MariaDB 10.0.30Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.34-79.1MariaDB 10.1.20, MariaDB 10.0.29Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.33-79.0MariaDB 10.1.19, MariaDB 10.0.28Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.32-78.1MariaDB 10.1.18Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.31-77.0MariaDB 10.1.17, MariaDB 10.0.27Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.30-76.3MariaDB 10.1.15, MariaDB 10.0.26Stable
TokuDB from Percona Server 5.6.26-74.0 [1]MariaDB 10.0.23Stable
TokuDB 7.5.7MariaDB 10.0.20, MariaDB 5.5.44Stable
TokuDB 7.5.6MariaDB 10.1.5, MariaDB 10.0.18, MariaDB 5.5.43Stable
TokuDB 7.5.5MariaDB 10.1.3, MariaDB 10.0.17, MariaDB 5.5.42Stable
TokuDB 7.5.4MariaDB 10.0.16Stable
TokuDB 7.5.3MariaDB 10.1.2, MariaDB 10.0.15, MariaDB 5.5.41Stable
TokuDB 7.5.0MariaDB 10.0.14, MariaDB 5.5.40Stable
TokuDB 7.1.7MariaDB 10.0.13, MariaDB 5.5.39Stable
TokuDB 7.1.6MariaDB 10.0.11, MariaDB 5.5.38Stable
TokuDB 7.1.5MariaDB 10.0.10, MariaDB 5.5.37Stable
TokuDB 7.1.0MariaDB 5.5.34Stable
TokuDB 7.0.4MariaDB 10.0.5, MariaDB 5.5.33Stable

The version of TokuDB in your local MariaDB is available by querying the tokudb_version status variable. For example:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'tokudb_version';

In the MariaDB binary tarballs, only the ones labeled "glibc_214" have TokuDB.

  1. with this version, TokuDB now follows the version numbering of Percona XtraDB

有关 MariaDB 中的 TokuDB 的更多信息,请参见以下页面:

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