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Ralf Gebhardt

Product Manager, MariaDB

Announcing MariaDB Server 10.6.0 Alpha

We are pleased to announce the first release of MariaDB Server 10.6.  MariaDB Server 10.6 is the next major version of our yearly MariaDB Server Release Series, following the MariaDB…

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Announcing General Availability of MariaDB Connector/C++

We are pleased to announce the general availability of MariaDB Connector/C++. This new connector complements our existing family of production-ready connectors, which recently grew with the GA releases of MariaDB…

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MariaDB SkySQL Adds Clustering for Continuous Availability

Many MariaDB customers already use MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, powered by Galera Cluster, which provides virtually-synchronous multi-master clustering with high availability for mission-critical applications. This functionality is now available in MariaDB…

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MariaDB Connector/R2DBC now RC

MariaDB Connector/R2DBC is now a release candidate (RC). MariaDB Connector/J has long been a popular choice for Java application developers connecting with MariaDB, and now with Connector/R2DBC we have support…

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MariaDB Platform X5 Includes Support for HashiCorp Vault KMS

Best practice for enterprise data management is to use data-at-rest encryption for storing highly sensitive data on storage media, with encryption keys safely stored in an external key management system.…

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