We have a passion for building massively scalable open source database products that help people build modern software applications

We are a database company that supports the adoption of MariaDB - the world's fastest growing open source database.

We support an extraordinary community of users, developers and activists who, through the MariaDB Foundation, help drive the popularity of MariaDB around the world.

We work to ensure companies can use MariaDB & MySQL in mission-critical environments whilst ensuring optimum availability, scalability and performance.

Who uses MariaDB?

MariaDB is now available in the software repositories of all leading Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, Centos, Debian and Ubuntu and so used by millions of organizations of every size.

In the first week after its launch, MariaDB 10 was downloaded over 230,000 times!

Leading enterprise users of MariaDB include Google, Wikipedia and Taobao.

Why upgrade to MariaDB Enterprise?

MariaDB Enterprise gives our customers the peace of mind to confidently deploy this powerful database server as a foundation for applications demanding enterprise-class availability, scalability, and performance. Read more

About MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Corporation Ab (formerly SkySQL) is a global software vendor specializing in high availability and high performance MariaDB & MySQL. With its head office in Espoo, Finland and team members circling the globe, MariaDB has over 500 customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Our client base consists of global brands such Google, Fusion-io, HP, Virgin Mobile, Craigslist, Harvard University and numerous small to medium businesses, MariaDB is perfectly suited to help with any of your data needs.

MariaDB products and professional services bring ease of use and assistance 24/7, while providing an effective way to increase database productivity, reduce downtime, augment existing resources and prevent vendor lock in.

SkySQL was founded in 2010 by the same team behind MySQL AB, including David Axmark, Michael 'Monty' Widenius and Kaj Arnö. The company merged with Monty Program in 2013. SkySQL changed its name to MariaDB Corporation in Fall 2014.

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Work at MariaDB

Want to join the MariaDB family?

Our company is a dynamic, rapidly growing and has strong roots in the open source culture.

The vast majority of our staff work remotely so are available regardless of your location.

Learn more about the current job openings at MariaDB, head over to our career's portal.

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