Fusion-io Inc.


Fusion-io Inc.

Fusion-io delivers the world’s data faster. Our Fusion ioMemory platform and software defined storage solutions accelerate virtualization, databases, cloud computing, big data and performance applications. From e-commerce retailers to the world’s social media leaders and Fortune Global 500 companies, our customers are improving the performance and efficiency of their data centers with Fusion-io technology to accelerate the critical applications of the information economy.

MariaDB10 is optimized for Fusion-io technology using the NVM Compression and Atomic Writes interfaces provided by Fusion-io’s nonvolatile memory file system (NVMFS).

MariaDB v10 is the only Generally Available RDBMS to natively make full use of this functionality with the result that performance is greatly enhanced whilst write volumes are greatly reduced thus increasing the lifespan of the Fusion-io platform itself.

Partner Website: http://www.fusionio.com/