Hangzhou WOQU Technology


Hangzhou WOQU Technology

杭州沃趣科技股份有限公司创建于2012年,创始团队为原阿里巴巴数据库及系统运维团队核心骨干,凭借着多年的运维经验,为行业客户提供专业数据库、系统相关的服务和产品;专注为用户提供基于高性能、高可用、可扩展的开放数据库云平台解决方案的国产厂商。 沃趣科技目前拥有80多位资深数据库及系统技术专家,技术领域涉及Oracle、MySQL等数据库云平台架构和超融合云平台架构,结合云计算和x86平台的发展趋势,为用户提供全栈式云平台解决方案。主要产品包括: QData Cloud高性能数据库云平台、QFusion 企业超融合云平台、QMonitor数据库自动化运维监控平台、QBackup数据库秒级备份恢复云平台。 沃趣科技的产品已广泛应用于证券、保险、医疗、广电传媒、银行、电信、能源电力、快递物流、公共事业、大型企业等,为这些行业用户持续提供行业解决方案及服务支持。 研发中心位于杭州,同时在北京、上海、广州、南京、兰州、沈阳建立了分支机构,建立了辐射全国的销售和服务体系。 我们始终坚信,数据是驱动企业创新的源动力!坚持围绕企业数据库做好一件事

Hangzhou Woqu Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, (hereinafter referred to as WOQU Tech) is a company dedicated to provide integrated database system solutions with high performance, high availability and great scalability for both domestic and foreign large enterprises. In the beginning of 2015, the company raised 30 million RMB A round funding from Teamsun, and another 26 million RMB B round from Beijing Zhongyu Zhaotuo Equity Investment Center at the end of 2015.

WOQU Technology, founded by some core DB Administrators and System Administrators of IT operation team of Alibaba Group, is dedicated to provide professional DB and system services and products for industry customers. The company has built a team of more than 60 senior database and system experts, specializing in Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, System and DevOps. Meanwhile, we also provide full stack database solutions using the latest technology of Linux and x86 platform for customers.

WOQU Tech’s full stack products system has been widely used in various industries like securities, insurance, medical care, media, banking, telecommunication, energy, power, express, public utilities, etc., providing industry solutions and continuous technical support service for these customers.

The headquarter and R&D center of Woqu Tech is located in Hangzhou, but has already established branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Shenyang, responsible for sales and service matters all over China.

We have always believed that data is the power that drives enterprises innovation. We will focus on one thing for enterprise database application, which is making high performance database more reliable and secure.

Partner Website: http://www.woqutech.com/