How to access SkySQL Cloud Backup


MariaDB SkySQL Cloud Backup is a backup and recovery solution offered by MariaDB.

Access SkySQL

To access MariaDB SkySQL go to

You will be prompted to sign up or sign in with your choice of:

  • Google social login

  • GitHub social login

  • LinkedIn social login

  • Email address

If you do not already have a MariaDB ID, you will be prompted to complete registration.

Once logged-in, you may access SkySQL portal features.

Portal Dashboard

Portal Dashboard

Enable SkySQL Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is currently available as a Technical Preview. See SkySQL Cloud Backup Release Notes for details.

To enable SkySQL Cloud Backup:

  • Login to the SkySQL Portal.

  • Click on the "Cloud Backup" link in the main menu (left navigation).

  • From Cloud Backup:

    • Add a Database Server. A database server is used as a backup source and/or restore target.

    • Add Storage. Storage designates where backup data will be stored.

    • Add a Schedule. Schedules define whether a backup/restore operation will be on-demand or on a regular frequency.

    • Add a Retention Policy. Retention policies define how long backups are kept.

  • If you have added an on-premises database server, install the backup agent.

  • Now that Cloud Backup is enabled, you can manage backups.