Recent release of MariaDB 10.1.11 contains two new authentication plugins

The recent release of MariaDB 10.1.11 contains two new authentication plugins:

Named pipe plugin

This plugins works only if user logs in using named pipe. It uses the operating system’s username of currently logged on user running the client program. The plugin mirrors functionality of the already existing Unix socket authentication plugin on Windows.

GSSAPI plugin

For this plugin, the more correct name would be GSSAPI/SSPI plugin. It offer:

  • Kerberos authentication, on Unixes (via GSSAPI) and Windows (via SSPI)
  • Windows authentication, also in cases of standalone workstation (i.e outside of domain), via SSPI. Thus, this authentication plugins offers the functionality of MySQL Enterprise Windows authentication plugin and plus cross-platform interoperability.

This plugin was first written by Shuang Qui during the Google summer of Code back in 2013, and also contains contributions by Robbie Harwood of Redhat. Thanks for your contributions!