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Why Drumee Cloud in France Chooses MariaDB Over PostgreSQL

Drumee has been getting a lot of attention in France as a new cloud platform. We recently interviewed their President … Continued

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Automate AI Model Building in SkySQL: MariaDB & MindsDB Collaboration

Your GPS navigation service uses machine learning to analyze traffic data and predict high-congestion areas on your road trips. Facebook … Continued

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New MariaDB Enterprise Server Releases with backported Features and Rocky Linux Support now available

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.8-4, 10.5.16-11, 10.4.25-16 and 10.3.35-16. MariaDB Enterprise Server … Continued

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Latest MariaDB SkySQL Release Brings New Distributed Transactions Capabilities, Analytics on Multi-cloud and More

We are pleased to announce the latest release of MariaDB SkySQL, our fully-managed database-as-a-service. The release brings parallel replication and … Continued

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Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.8 GA and 10.9 RC

We are pleased to announce MariaDB Community Server 10.8 as GA (Generally Available) and the first RC (Release Candidate) of … Continued

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Xpanding Your Data Possibilities With MariaDB and Google Cloud

As your user expectations grow, complexity becomes inherent that may limit your ability to act on data to innovate and … Continued

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Take Your Applications Further with An Embedded Database-as-a-Service

As the volume, velocity and variety of data grows exponentially each year, the challenge for application developers is a thorny … Continued

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Creating Cloud-based Customer-Facing Apps with MariaDB, Upsolver and AWS

Data is the nucleus of everything companies build, monetize and deploy on the cloud. On the cloud data gains scale, agility … Continued

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MariaDB Xpand Crunches Cockroach with Sysbench

Benchmark shows MariaDB Xpand outscales and outperforms CockroachDB.

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The Xpand Difference

MariaDB Xpand is serverless architecture par excellence. A discussion of the architecture, how it works, and how it delivers outstanding performance.

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