SkySQL to become MariaDB Corporation

New Branding Reflects Commitment to the MariaDB Database and Its Global Community

San Francisco & Helsinki — October 1st, 2014 — SkySQL, the MariaDB company, today announced it has changed its name to MariaDB Corporation. The name change will more closely associate the MariaDB open-source database with the company behind it. The change is effective immediately.

“In 2010, SkySQL was founded as an alternative service provider for Oracle MySQL users. Last year SkySQL merged with Monty Program, the company behind the MariaDB project,” said Patrik Sallner, Chief Executive Officer at MariaDB Corporation Ab. “As the adoption of MariaDB has grown, SkySQL’s business model has evolved to provide enterprise-grade products and services to over 2 million MariaDB users. With this change, our goal is to get the brands aligned and to keep growing the MariaDB ecosystem.”

“However, we recognise that most MariaDB users continue to also use MySQL. In addition, there is a large base of MySQL users that have yet to try MariaDB. We therefore remain committed to supporting customers in their use of both technologies under the new brand name MariaDB Corporation,” said Sallner.

The MariaDB Foundation, and its community website, are unaffected by this change. MariaDB Corporation will change its corporate website from to

MariaDB is the open source, relational database developed by MySQL founder Michael “Monty” Widenius. Its popularity has grown rapidly among developers and IT professionals with ecosystem partners now including IBM, Red Hat, SUSE, Rackspace, HP, Intel and Fusion-io.

MariaDB adoption has shown an annual compound growth rate of 488% since its launch in 2009. Its common use cases include ecommerce, content management and delivery, mobile and social infrastructure, and user data management. MariaDB has particular strengths as the underlying database technology for building and managing Webscale applications.



About MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Corporation is a leading open source relational database provider in the $10bn global market. Built by the luminaries behind the legendary MySQL project, its engineer-led team totals over half a millennium of transactional database technology experience. MariaDB is developed by a vibrant community that nurtures new talent and is committed to transparent innovation in order to achieve its aim of building the world’s leading database platform for cloud.

With its adoption growing at an annual rate of over 400% since launch, MariaDB offers a solid alternative to the Big Four database vendors. Its technology spans SQL and NoSQL worlds, is cloud-ready and supports legacy MySQL applications. Today, MariaDB has over 2 million users globally and 500 customers in 30 countries, including global brands such as HP, Craigslist, Deutsche Telekom, Virgin Mobile and Open Source technology leaders such as Red Hat, SUSE, Rackspace and IBM have chosen MariaDB as their database of choice for their customers who include some of the world’s largest enterprises.

MariaDB Corporation’s CEO, Patrik Sallner, has written a blog about the company name change and challenges for FY15.

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