How Quotient uses MariaDB to help customers save money

  • Arun Subramanian, Director of Production Operations at Quotient Technology
  • Radha Krishna Proddaturi, Senior Engineering Architect at Quotient Technology
  • Ashu Sahijpal, Principal Database Architect, Quotient Technology
Session Abstract

Quotient Technology Inc. is a digital commerce platform, that offers digital coupons and media solutions serving hundreds of CPGs, such as Clorox, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and Kellogg’s, and retailers like Albertsons Companies, CVS, Dollar General, and Walgreens, and U.S. households. Quotient delivered more than 3.5 billion digital coupons in 2017, which equals about 6,747 coupons each minute. MariaDB is a critical component in Quotient's stack, helping to power their modern offer management system by supporting the most complex offer types and personalized shopper experiences. In this session, the Quotient team discusses:

  • Complex offer types, payload scenarios and how MariaDB helps Quotient scale
  • MariaDB architecture, configuration and replication across multiple active datacenters
  • Retailer data and security, and how MariaDB native data-at-rest encryption helps
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