MariaDB Platform:
Getting started

MariaDB Platform deployments for hybrid transactional/analytical processing are comprised of one or more instances of MariaDB Server (transactional database instances), one or more instances of MariaDB Server with MariaDB ColumnStore (analytical database instances), one or more instances of MariaDB MaxScale for query routing (query routers) and one instance of MariaDB MaxScale for change-data-capture (CDC server).

The best way of learning how to deploy MariaDB Platform is to do it. You’ll need to download the following components:

When you’re finished, follow the sample MariaDB Platform installation and configuration guide. Note, this guide is for installing MariaDB Platform in a configuration with multiple transactional database instances as well as multiple analytical database instances. It is used to demonstrate both read scaling and analytics scaling.

However, the easiest way to get started with MariaDB Platform is to run the all-in-one Docker image. It will start three transactional database instances, one analytical database instance, one query router and one CDC server, all running inside a single container. Follow the README in the MariaDB Platform Single Container Image GitHub repository

But if you just want to see it running…

docker pull mariadb/platform_single:x3-1.0
docker run --name mariadb-platform mariadb/platform-single:x3-1.0
docker exec -it mariadb-platform /bin/bash