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Maria Luisa Raviol

Senior Sales Engineer, MariaDB
Maria-Luisa Raviol is a Senior Sales Engineer with over 20 years industry experience.

A Look into MariaDB Auditing for GDPR Compliance

When we are talking about a database auditing concept, what we are focused on is tracking the use of database records, and the monitoring of each operation on the data.…

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MariaDB Security at the Open Source Conference in Rome

At the 2016 Open Source Conference in Rome, held a few weeks ago, MariaDB was present along with many of the most relevant players in the Open Source community. This…

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MariaDB & Database Security

One of the key issues in 2016 for DBAs to tackle will be Database Security, mainly associated to the increasing adoption of public and private clouds, as well as mission…

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MariaDB Security and Encryption at London MySQL Meetup Group

In December 2015, MariaDB Evangelist Colin Charles was asked to present on MariaDB Security and Encryption at the London MySQL Meetup group. This blog is a summary of Colin’s presentation.…

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Performance gains with MariaDB and IBM POWER8

MariaDB and Foedus paths crossed less than a year ago when I met Paolo Messina at a two-day IBM event in Tuscany. IBM invited me, as the MariaDB Italian representative,…

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