Call for Presentations Is Open – MariaDB OpenWorks 2023

Over the next few weeks, we want to hear your ideas for sessions and topics to cover at our next big user and developer conference – MariaDB OpenWorks 2023, happening May 9-10, 2023, in New York City and virtually. Our Call for Presentations (CFP) is open and in full swing.

What’s the submission process?

Our community is everything, and we incorporate this philosophy into our OpenWorks conference. This is why we encourage our customers, partners and community contributors to submit presentations for consideration. If you count yourself as part of this community, please consider making a submission. We don’t need a completed presentation from you up front; just a title and an abstract of what you’d like to convey.

What topics make for a good presentation?

Pretty much anything MariaDB-related that you believe your peers would be interested in hearing about! Your presentation can be about MariaDB database features and functionality, how you’ve used MariaDB database products, what technical and business challenges you’re trying to address or maybe how you’ve overcome longstanding challenges by moving to MariaDB.

We’d love to feature stories about:

  • Migration to the cloud with SkySQL
  • Switching from proprietary databases such as Oracle or SQL Server
  • Moving up from MySQL or PostgreSQL to MariaDB database products
  • How you’re using analytics with ColumnStore
  • The shift to distributed SQL with Xpand
  • Your use of various programming languages and tools within the MariaDB ecosystem

The format can also vary, from high-level slides to deep-dive demonstrations. We will do everything we can to incorporate your presentation into our lineup through one or more offers to present, be on a panel, or join an invite-only roundtable. Based on the immense number of submissions we received in the past, we urge you to submit as soon as possible. The final date for submission is Friday, October 14, 2022.

Submit Presentation


Why present at OpenWorks?

I’m excited about OpenWorks because it offers our customers, partners and yes – us – the opportunity to return to some degree of normalcy, a time where we can see each other face to face again, and not just as a little box on a screen. (Though I’ll admit that some days, especially Mondays, commuting down a flight of stairs to my first meeting hasn’t been exactly a hardship.) Let’s get real: Zoom meetings can’t produce that “water cooler” chat that going into the office gives you. Further, with the trend toward remote and hybrid workforces, clearly accelerated by the pandemic, user conferences are the only way customers, users and partners get an opportunity to exchange ideas and debate comparable yet different approaches to leveraging technology against a wide range of use cases and challenges. There’s really no suitable replacement for face-to-face events.

Granted, there are plenty of customers and users that can’t travel for many reasons. This is precisely why we’re holding a virtual event simultaneously. We will have different formats and experiences for attendance and interaction in the virtual versus physical sessions. Both will be informative and will be great learning experiences, but we encourage you to join the in-person festivities if you can. Looking forward to your submissions – and stay tuned for registration, opening up in mid-November.