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Announcing MariaDB Server 10.6.2 RC

We are pleased to announce MariaDB Server 10.6 Release Candidate (RC). MariaDB Server 10.6 is the next major version of … Continued

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Announcing MariaDB Server 10.6.1 Beta

The beta release of MariaDB Server 10.6 is now available for download. This release includes several internal optimizations and feature enhancements.

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MaxScale Redundancy on MariaDB SkySQL

MariaDB SkySQL now includes a MaxScale Redundancy option, which enables the deployment of multiple MaxScale load balancers for transparent high availability.

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Announcing General Availability of Distributed SQL in a Feature-rich Release of MariaDB SkySQL

This new release of SkySQL includes the GA of Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, support across AWS and GCP, and MaxScale redundancy.

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Announcing MariaDB Server 10.6.0 Alpha

Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.6 Alpha, which includes internal optimizations & sets the foundation for storage engine independent foreign key support.

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Getting started with the MariaDB MaxScale GUI

MariaDB MaxScale 2.5 delivers many new features, including MaxScale GUI, a graphic user interface for managing MaxScale. This blog instructs how to install and configure the MaxScale GUI.

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Announcing General Availability of MariaDB Connector/C++

We are pleased to announce the general availability of MariaDB Connector/C++. This new connector complements our existing family of production-ready … Continued

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Alerting and Notifications from SkySQL

SkySQL offers a dedicated observability portal, SkySQL Monitoring, which serves as a single pane of glass for the customer’s performance metrics across all clouds.

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MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions now Generally Available on AWS

We’re happy to announce the General Availability of MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions on AWS in addition to GCP.

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Everything you need to know about distributed SQL

Learn what distributed SQL is and how companies use it to achieve massive scale.

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