FOSDEM MySQL and Friends Devroom 2012 Changes

As many of you know, the schedule had been set for FOSDEM. Giuseppe had posted the full scehdule here: However, I refreshed the FOSDEM list (provided at and noticed some changes to the schedule late last week. Specifically, I noticed new talks by Oli Sennhauser (“New Features in MySQL 5.6”), Alexey Yurchenko (“Galera 2.0”), Steve Hardy (“Optimizing your innodb buffer pool usage”), Liz van Dijk (“Virtualized Databases”), and Stéphane Combaudon (“Practical indexing guidelines”). (And all of the previous folks (Ralf Gebhardt, Stéphane Varoqui, Ivan Zoratti, Sergey Petrunya, Vladimir Fedorkov, Giuseppe Maxia, Mark Riddoch, Kenny Gryp, and Frédéric Descamps) still have talks too.) So an already very impressive lineup has been improved even more! Kudos! 🙂