MariaDB 10.0.7 Overview and Highlights

MariaDB 10.0.7 was recently released (it is the latest MariaDB 10.0), is currently “beta”, and is available for download here: I just wanted to note a couple of the main highlights, which are:

  1. XtraDB storage engine was upgraded to the 5.6 version. Now one can use XtraDB with MariaDB 10.0. Unlike MariaDB 5.5, in 10.0 XtraDB is not the default engine, the default is InnoDB, and XtraDB is available as a dynamic plugin.
  2. OQGraph storage engine was upgraded to the version 3. Unlike OQGraph v2, that stores all the data in memory, new OQGraph v3 stores them in a table of another storage engine, on disk. Which makes your graphs persistent and also can support much larger graphs. See the OQGraph documentation for details.
  3. A new plugin metadata_lock_info was added. It implements a new table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.METADATA_LOCK_INFO that shows active metadata locks. And for reference, the full 10.0.7 changelog can be viewed here: Hope this helps.