MariaDB 5.5.35 Overview and Highlights

MariaDB 5.5.35 was recently released (it is the latest MariaDB 5.5), and is available for download here: This is a maintenance release, and so there are not too many big changes of note. However, there are a couple items worth mentioning:

  1. Includes all bugfixes and updates from: MySQL 5.5.35
  2. Includes all bugfixes and updates from: XtraDB from Percona-Server-5.5.35-rel33.0
  3. New SQL_MODE: OLD_MODE – to emulate behavior from old MySQL/MariaDB versions

You can read more about OLD_MODE here, if interested: Also, there is more about the 5.5.35 release here: And the full list of fixed bugs and changes in MariaDB 5.5.35 can be found here: Hope this helps.