MariaDB Enterprise and MaxScale Fall 2015 Releases

The year has flown by so quickly and I am simply stunned that Fall is now upon us. With the changing of seasons it is time for another software release of MariaDB Enterprise (MDBE) as well as MaxScale.

We’ve heard many things from our customers and we continue to focus on the most important and mission critical. With our Fall releases, we enhance and provide fixes on our security, scalability and performance features.

Over the last year we have delivered several new capabilities in our enterprise offer such as optimized binaries and support for the Power8 platform. We have also introduced the MariaDB MaxScale intelligent gateway to help you secure, scale and maintain your database infrastructure. What does all of this mean, exactly?

We have been working all year to address the needs of our customers and community. We are always focused on working with our customers and community to drive innovations that are relevant and valuable to you. That innovation shows itself in the MariaDB Enterprise Fall 2015 release, which delivers new features including:

  • New cluster tools
  • Connector/J new 1.3.0 beta
  • Connector/C 2.2 is available
  • Certified binaries for MariaDB Enterprise 5.5.45 and 10.0.21
  • Debian 8 binaries for Enterprise 10.0

MariaDB’s Fall 2015 release of MaxScale 1.2.1, a database-aware gateway platform, provides high availability and security capabilities such as load balancing, sharding, and firewall protection without the need to modify existing applications.

MariaDB Enterprise and MaxScale Fall 2015 releases are available immediately. For more information please go to

Stay tuned to see what our Winter release brings!