MariaDB Galera Cluster training course released

We are proud to finally release a fully blown training course for MariaDB Galera Cluster. We’ve been working on this training course for a very long time and it’s been over a year since we delivered a first version of the course. However, the refining process has taken longer than expected. While we have already delivered this training multiple times internally for our customers, it is not until now that we make the course public together with upcoming training dates. For a list of dates and locations, look here and also note that we also have this class available through LVC (Live Virtual Classroom) format where the teacher controls a virtual classroom where everyone is sitting at his or her own desk. This reduces the cost of the training as you don’t have to travel, all you need is a computer with a decent internet connection. Something to look at if your budget is tight or you have time constraints which prevent travel. For the course itself it focuses heavily on the Galera part of the MariaDB Galera Cluster product. This means that if you don’t intend to use MariaDB but some other flavour of Galera (PXC or MySQL with Galera) the course will still be very beneficial to you. The three day course goes through the basic Galera architecture and details behind how Galera achieves synchronous replication, what the benefits and drawbacks are, etc. Besides going through the theory you also get a very healthy does of practical exercise including, installing, tuning and troubleshooting a Galera Cluster. For more info about the contents look here. And of course if your favourite location isn’t included in the list of locations and you can’t make it to the LVCs you can contact us and we are happy to help you.