MaxScale 1.3.0 Beta is here

We are pleased to announce that MaxScale 1.3.0 beta is now open for the community.

MaxScale 1.3.0 Beta brings these new features

  1. Persistent Connection: When persistent connection is enabled, connection from MaxScale to the backend server remains persistent event when the connection from the client to MaxScale is terminated.
  2. Binlog Server now supports ability to promote a master without touching other servers by supporting these commands: STOP SLAVE, START SLAVE, RESET SLAVE and CHANGE MASTER TO
  3. Logging Improvements
  4. Fix for several critical bugs

The release notes can be found here and the list of bugs fixed can be found here. Binaries are available at the following locations:

For those in our community that want to compile from the source, 1.3.0 beta is tagged at

We encourage you to download and use this beta load and provide us your feedback. The beta will run through the rest of December to mid-January.

Happy Testing!