MySQL/MariaDB autoconf macros

I’ve had my own set of autotool macros for building against different MySQL client and server APIs for quite a while. Originally created as part of my code generator projects (CodeGen_MySQL_UDF and CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin) I ended up having diverging copies in a few other projects, too (my and my autotools branch of ). So I’ve finally taken the time to merge the differnet copies into a single standalone project on GitHUB. The set of autoconf macros supports in this project supports:

  • building against the various MySQL APIs:
    • regular client library API
    • embedded server library API
    • User Defined Function (UDF) API
    • Plugin API
    • NDBAPI
  • check for minimum required version
  • check for a specifc fork (MySQL, MariaDB, …)
  • building against files from a server source dir

E.g. an autotools project building against the embedded server library and requiring a certain minimal version of MariaDB could use the following snippet to support this: [...] WITH_MYSQL_SRC() WITH_MYSQL() MYSQL_NEED_VERSION([5.5.34]) MYSQL_NEED_FORK([mariadb]) MYSQL_USE_EMBEDDED_API() MYSQL_SUBST() [...] For more detailed information check the README on GitHUB