Percona Live 2015 Wrap-up: Bigger and better every year

So I am now back in my office in Vancouver, BC after an amazing week in Santa Clara for the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo. I though that I would take a break from trying to catch up with my email and write down some quick thoughts about this great event. 

This year’s event was announced to be the largest in several years, with an estimated 1200 people in attendance. To me what stands out about this number is just how it supports the fact that the MariaDB and MySQL community is growing and stronger than ever. If we assume that each of the 1200 attendees were our of the office for the full three days we are looking at 28,800 hours dedicated to learning and sharing about MariaDB and MySQL at this event!

This year our team has eight talks/tutorials and keynotes combined. You can see a full list of our talks here. We will also have our slide decks, and any recordings published on our website soon. Follow us on Twitter and FaceBook for updates. 

Percona Live 2015 Wrap-up: Bigger and better every yearWe also brought back our caricature artist from EventToons this year, and this was once again a big hit. You can check out the rest of the drawings here. We ran out of time to get drawings done for everyone, so next year we may have to have the artist in the booth longer. Or you can find us at another one of our events for another chance to get your drawing done.

During this year’s event we also announced the Spring 2015 release of MariaDB Enterprise. This release includes:

  • Optimized server binaries that can increase overall database performance by more than 15%; these binaries are the result of careful profiling and optimizing for typical use cases
  • Enhanced HA (high availability) and scalability on the highly cost-effective IBM POWER8 architecture supported by Galera clustering
  • Expanded choice of supported operating systems – RHEL 7.1 (little endian), SLES 12 and Ubuntu 14.04 binaries for the IBM POWER8 architecture
  • Enhanced customer experience with online subscription management now available via the MariaDB Customer Portal

MariaDB MaxScale 1.1 was also announced at this event. Our team had a talk about MaxScale and our customer ( also talked about how they use MaxScale for BinLog Servers. Both of these talks were to full rooms. We also found many others who were in different stages of deploying MaxScale for some very interesting use cases. This is a product to watch for sure!

At events we often run a short survey to gather some information on how the adoption of MariaDB is progressing, and to see what is on top of mind for those who are attending the shows.

Percona Live 2015 Wrap-up: Bigger and better every year

Between MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB Community we are catching up to the number of those who are running MySQL Community, and are equal to the number of those who are running MySQL Enterprise. Keeping in mind that those using MariaDB may be more likely to stop by our booth and fill out our survey, but none the less MariaDB’s adoption is growing quickly.

The question of “What are your key areas of interest around databases” shows that high availability and performance are still very much the hot topics. 

Percona Live 2015 Wrap-up: Bigger and better every year