Share your MariaDB Story for a chance to win a Moto360

We know that there are millions of MariaDB users out there, and we love to hear stories of how MariaDB is working for them. So to encourage more people to share their story we will be running (what I think to be) a pretty cool contest this month. The only part of this contest that I don’t like is that I am not allowed to enter. Well, I guess that I can enter I just am not able to win. And we wanted to keep it simple: You share your MariaDB story via our simple entry form, and get entered to win a Moto360 Smart Watch.

We will be opening the contest, and entry landing page on October 15th, and it will remain open for one month. The contest entry form only has nine fields, and two of them are for your name (I told you we kept this simple). The most difficult part is that we ask you to Tweet the following to finalize your entry “I shared my #MariaDB story.Share your story to win a #moto360“. We even provided a handy link so that you don’t even have to type that (see the easy theme continues)

After the close of the contest we will use to select the winner. We will contact the winner via email (so don’t use a fake one to sign-up – we had a winner that did that a while back), as well as announce it on our twitter feed (@mariaDB).

I know that sharing this great contest with your peers does lower your chances of winning, but please do let your friends know about this contest.

Good luck, Marc