What Does the Media Have to Say About SkySQL’s Latest Release?

Media Highlights from the SkySQL Cloud Data Suite and SkySQL Enterprise Suite

It’s been a little more than two weeks since we launched our SkySQL Cloud Data Suite and SkySQL Enterprise Suite, and we’re pleased at the response we’ve seen so far for these releases.

You’ve heard what we’ve had to say about it, but here are also some highlights of what the media is saying about SkySQL’s recent move to introduce products to the marketplace…

SkySQL: build the service, then the customers and THEN the productsComputer Weekly – Insight into the ideal business model for start-ups

SkySQL offers tools for Amazon and Enterprise MySQL deploymentsv3.co.uk – A high-level introduction to the cloud and enterprise product offering

SkySQL releases tool for deploying and scaling databases to Amazon web servicesTechcrunch (syndicated and shared on Twitter multiple times) – MySQL is growing up therefore the support should be advanced too

Pimples challenge Oracle database clusterComputer Sweden (also syndicated on IT24, IDG.se TechWorld) – SkySQL challenging Oracle and the new cloud solutions

SkySQL open source cloud serviceTietokone – The renowned MySQL database in the footsteps of the next SkySQL is quite unusual in the field of IT startups.

SkySQL wants MySQL administration easier in the cloudHeise –The service SkySQL released its first product. It will allow you to manage and monitor MySQL clusters in the cloud.

MySQL to 100 percent for Amazon Web ServicesSearch Cloud Computing – The tool is the first of its own GUI and enables easy deployment and management of high-availability open source database cluster in the cloud – currently almost as a precursor to AWS.

Open Source Cloud Database Management Date of SkySQLSilicon – With the Cloud Data Suite published the MySQL specialist SkySQL the first product with which databases can be managed in cloud environments easily.

Seduced by taboo, MariaDB instead of MySQLChip Online – Normally shy users a change to the database. But in the case of MySQL speak a lot of technical reasons for a switch to the alternative young MariaDB. Guest author Ludger Schmitz lists the differences.