Distributed SQL Challenge

MariaDB Xpand can outperform any distributed SQL database bar none. Put it to the test. $25K says Xpand will win with higher throughput and lower latency.

If your business is growing quickly and on track to support hundreds of millions of users and process millions of transactions per second, you need a scalable, modern and cost-effective relational database to support your mission-critical applications.

That’s where distributed SQL comes in. Distributed SQL is a new category of database which supports all the characteristics businesses expect from a relational database, such as data integrity and high availability, while also enabling massive scalability.

MariaDB’s distributed SQL solution is Xpand. It scales to millions of transactions a second with ease. It is indestructible with best-in-class high availability. It provides all the benefits of a relational database including strong consistency and data integrity – while saving businesses up to 90% of their legacy database cost. 


The challenge

If your company is evaluating a distributed SQL solution, bring in MariaDB Xpand for a head-to-head performance challenge. If you use the same environment for both solutions (hardware, systems, cloud infrastructure, etc.) in a mutually agreed upon new proof of concept (PoC), we are confident that Xpand will beat your selected competitive solution with higher throughput and lower latency.

The challenge will end on August 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PT, and will be subject to MariaDB’s capacity to engage in a PoC.


What happens if Xpand loses?

Well, first off – that’s not going to happen. But if MariaDB Xpand fails to demonstrate higher throughput and lower latency compared to your selected competitive solution in the PoC, MariaDB will either donate $25K to one of the nonprofit organizations highlighted below or reimburse your company up to $25K for your actual costs incurred to run the PoC, including your cloud infrastructure costs or other additional direct costs. Should such actual costs be less than $25K, any remaining, unexpended portion will be donated to one of the nonprofit organizations of your choice noted below.

We have identified several nonprofit organizations that align with some of our core company values and will benefit from this challenge. These incredible nonprofits are doing amazing work to make a difference in the technology industry through diversity initiatives and early childhood learning programs.

Women in Tech

An international nonprofit organization on a mission to close the gender gap, help women embrace technology promote girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world.

Out in Tech

A global nonprofit that unites the LGBTQ+ tech community by creating opportunities to advance members’ careers, grow their networks and leverage tech for social change.

Geeks Rule

A U.S. nonprofit that was established to eliminate racial, gender and socioeconomic gaps that exist in STEM through programming at underserved secondary schools.

Who wins?

YOU. Whether it’s Xpand or another distributed SQL solution, you’ll be confident that you’ve chosen the best-performing solution for your application. In fact, we all win. If MariaDB has not made a donation by the end of the challenge period, MariaDB will still make a donation to each of the nonprofits listed above.

Let’s get started

Get in touch with the details of your project and we’ll evaluate it for the head-to-head challenge.

Thank you for your entry!