How to Take Advantage of MariaDB Connector for Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages among developers across a variety of technical areas.

This developer toolkit provides an introduction to the MariaDB Python connector and demonstrates solution integrations.

How to Leverage Reactive Programming with R2DBC Async Java Connector

R2DBC started as an experiment to enable integration of SQL databases into systems that use reactive programming models, it now specifies a full-fledged service-provider interface that can be used to retrieve data from a target data source.

This developer toolkit provides information on how to take advantage of the MariaDB R2DBC connector within a simple TODO application.

How to Build Modern Apps Using Object-Relational Mapping

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is the idea of writing queries with a broad amount of complexity, using the object-oriented paradigm of your preferred programming language.

This developer toolkit will enable you to manipulate data in MariaDB databases through the use of objects that exist in application code.

How to Simplify Development of Modern Applications

Learn how JSON and temporal tables can be used to simplify the development of modern applications without sacrificing all of the things we’ve come to depend upon: transactions, data integrity and reliability.

This developer toolkit will walk you through the steps for setting up Apache ZeppelinTM to integrate with MariaDB and work with several app samples to illustrate modern SQL functionality.

How to Use Hybrid Data Models

By extending relational data with JSON documents, you get schema flexibility without sacrificing transactions or data integrity.

This developer toolkit demonstrates how to convert relational into JSON, and how to merge relational with JSON – all via SQL.

How to Unlock Scalable, Real-Time Analytics with Columnar Storage

Learn how columnar storage in MariaDB Platform is used in the real world for modern analytics.

This developer toolkit enables you to run the 'Flights' application that allows you to analyze over 180 million flight records from the United States Department of Transportation in real time without adding any indexes.