MariaDB and Node.js Connection Strengthens, Adding Features and Faster Performance

New MariaDB Connector delivers 1.7 times faster query performance and 35 times faster batch processing compared to alternative connectors for Node.js developers

MENLO PARK, Calif. and HELSINKI – December 13, 2018 – MariaDB® Corporation today announced the availability of the MariaDB Connector for Node.js, giving developers a fast and streamlined method to build Node.js applications on top of MariaDB’s proven, enterprise relational database. Node.js has exploded in popularity, recently ranking as the preferred framework for developers according to surveys this year by Stack Overflow and HackerRank. With the MariaDB Connector for Node.js, developers get significantly better performance over alternative connectors. When benchmarked against other popular Node.js drivers, the MariaDB Connector performed 1.7 times faster in query mode and 35 times faster in batch mode.

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“Developers are tired of the limitations of building Node.js applications on top of NoSQL,” said Thomas Boyd, Director of Technical Marketing, MariaDB Corporation. “We’re seeing a growing trend of developers using MariaDB to replace the ‘M’ in the MEAN stack to enable a broader view of the data across the business using standard SQL. The MariaDB Connector for Node.js gives developers a great experience with faster performance when building Node.js applications on top of the most trusted enterprise open source database, MariaDB.”

With the MariaDB Connector for Node.js, developers enjoy better overall application performance through the Connector’s Insert Streaming and Pipelining functions. These capabilities reduce network traffic and enable asynchronous processing of database queries from a Node.js application, making the processing of multiple database queries far more efficient. The Connector works with MariaDB’s standard SQL layer, providing access to the latest MariaDB database features and innovation, such as temporal processing, advanced data protection and more, as well as ease of access to data for reporting and analytics.

The MariaDB Connector for Node.js is available for download as a Release Candidate now and will be generally available next month. Join our December 18 webinar to get started building Node.js applications with the MariaDB Connector/Node.js as well as learn how to take advantage of modern SQL with JSON functions, temporal tables and more.

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