MariaDB Announces New Enterprise Server

With additional features, enhanced security and trustworthiness out of the box, MariaDB Enterprise Server is tailored for enterprise production workloads

NEW YORK – MariaDB OpenWorks 2019 – February 26, 2019 – MariaDB® Corporation today at its annual user and developer conference MariaDB OpenWorks, announced MariaDB Enterprise Server to support customers with mission-critical applications by delivering a database engineered for greater reliability and stability. MariaDB Enterprise Server adds new features such as more powerful and fine-grained auditing, faster, highly reliable backups for large databases and end-to-end encryption for all data at rest in MariaDB clusters. The MariaDB Enterprise Server undergoes rigorous quality assurance and testing for improved reliability and stability, and is pre-configured to meet the requirements of secure production environments.

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“We’re seeing that our enterprise customers have very different needs from the average community user,” said Max Mether, VP of Server Product Management, MariaDB Corporation. “These customers are working on a completely different scale with a strong focus on stability and security. In order to be able to cater to these requirements, it is clear that we need to focus on a different solution by creating another version of MariaDB Server specifically focused on enterprise production workloads.”

MariaDB Enterprise Server is fully open source and will be the default version for customers using MariaDB Platform on-prem or in the cloud. MariaDB Corporation is continuing to develop and release MariaDB Community Server and collaborating with the community to drive innovation, while MariaDB Enterprise Server focuses on meeting the reliability, stability and operational needs of enterprise customers.

“Thousands of the world’s largest organizations depend on the Now Platform to create great experiences and unlock productivity,” said Pat Casey, SVP of Development and Operations, ServiceNow. “Better quality assurance and stability of critical enterprise features are extremely compelling. At our scale and in production with 100,000 MariaDB databases, reliability is what matters most.”

MariaDB Enterprise Server delivers the following key benefits to customers:

  • High-End Features and Tools: MariaDB Enterprise Server includes features not available in the MariaDB Community Server that solve specific enterprise requirements. Key features are carefully backported to earlier supported versions so customers on older releases can access critical new enterprise functionality faster. New features in development include improved audit plugin, enhanced MariaDB Backup and full data-at-rest encryption of MariaDB Cluster.
  • Security, Performance and Scalability for Production Out of the Box: Unlike Community Server, MariaDB Enterprise Server is configured for secure, high-performance production environments out of the box.
  • Increased Quality Assurance: While the entire community gets access to cutting-edge and in-development features, enterprise customers get a hardened version of MariaDB restricted to production-grade, fully supported features.
  • Stability at Scale: MariaDB Enterprise Server undergoes thorough quality assurance to test performance at scale for production workloads. Priority is given to fixing defects identified in MariaDB Enterprise Server to ensure increased stability for our customers.
  • Release Integrity: MariaDB Enterprise Server is distributed securely with a clearly established chain of custody from MariaDB all the way to customers to ensure binaries cannot be tempered with.

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 is available with the next version of MariaDB Platform in Spring 2019. MariaDB will also release GA versions of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.2 and 10.3 that include select high-end enterprise features, such as enhanced Backup, this Spring. Contact MariaDB for more information or to be a part of the beta program.

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