ServiceNow’s Pat Casey Joins Board of Directors at MariaDB

Investment facilitates innovation furthering MariaDB as the leading enterprise open source database

MENLO PARK, Calif. and HELSINKI – September 20, 2018 – MariaDB® Corporation today announced that Pat Casey, SVP of Development and Operations at ServiceNow®, is joining its board of directors and ServiceNow Ventures is participating in MariaDB’s Series C funding round. Pat Casey joins executives from Intel and Alibaba who collectively bring a wide range of deep cloud experience to the enterprise open source database company. MariaDB products are used in ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform, running workflows for the world’s largest companies. To operate at scale, ServiceNow’s platform runs on up to 85,000 MariaDB databases that serve more than 25 billion queries per hour.

“MariaDB is an essential building block of ServiceNow’s cloud infrastructure,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corporation. “ServiceNow architected its platform from the ground up to deliver an exceptional customer experience and leverage open source to enable innovation. With Pat Casey on our board, we gain the guidance of a seasoned executive and the continued partnership of an innovator and cloud leader to ensure the success with our own MariaDB cloud solutions.”

“We are actively investing to make the Now Platform the most innovative for our customers to get work done,” said Pat Casey, SVP of Development and Operations, ServiceNow. “We are investing in MariaDB to lend our expertise in cloud automation and enable some of the world’s largest companies at scale. By collaborating on new features with MariaDB, we are changing database technology for the better.”

In addition to Pat Casey joining the board, ServiceNow is a collaborative development partner with MariaDB and recently worked to deliver real-time data definition language (DDL), available with MariaDB TX 3.0. The two companies are continuing to work on several database solutions including a distributed database strategy to address the needs of their largest customers.

Last year, MariaDB raised $54 million in funding from the European Investment Bank and an initial Series C funding round led by Alibaba, bringing the total raised to $98 million. MariaDB can be deployed on premises with commodity hardware, across any public, private or hybrid cloud topology and is available in any of the world’s major cloud providers. With MariaDB, users get the perfect database every time thanks to its purpose-built storage engines that simultaneously support multiple workloads with different characteristics – transactional, analytical, write-intensive or extreme scale.

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MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – rapidly developing innovative, customer-facing applications. MariaDB uses pluggable, purpose-built storage engines to support workloads that previously required a variety of specialized databases. With complexity and constraints eliminated, enterprises can now depend on a single complete database for all their needs, whether on commodity hardware or their cloud of choice. Deployed in minutes for transactional or analytical use cases, MariaDB delivers unmatched operational agility without sacrificing key enterprise features including real ACID compliance and full SQL. Trusted by organizations such as Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, Nasdaq, Red Hat, The Home Depot, ServiceNow and Verizon – MariaDB meets the same core requirements as proprietary databases at a fraction of the cost. No wonder it’s the fastest growing open source database. Real business relies on MariaDB™.