MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB MaxScale makes it easy to manage database cluster scalability, availability and security

MariaDB MaxScale is a next-generation database proxy that manages security, scalability and high availability in scale-out deployments. Using MaxScale, administrative database processes run without damaging application performance.

MariaDB MaxScale’s plug-in architecture is designed to increase flexibility and aid customization. The extensible, plug-in architecture makes it easy for new plugins to be created by community members, as well as MariaDB Enterprise customers wanting to extend functionality to specific use cases.

Why MariaDB MaxScale?

Secure Your Database

Secure Your Database

MaxScale prevents security attacks like SQL injection and DDoS.

Databases will always be a target for hackers looking to access sensitive information. MaxScale takes an active stance to help mitigate unwanted access. MaxScale delivers advanced database firewall features that secure your database at every level.

  • Leverage end-to-end SSL support and local-only access for secure data access
  • Prevent SQL injection attacks with flexible whitelisting and blacklisting of query behaviors
  • Mitigate DDoS attacks by configuring built-in rate limiting rules

Manage Your Scale-out Deployment

Manage Your Scale-Out Deployment

Single point of access to simplify management of distributed deployments.

MaxScale, a database proxy, enables horizontal database scaling while maintaining a fast response to client applications. MariaDB MaxScale provides transaction scalability, data scalability and binlog scaling through:

  • Faster query response times through intelligent, dynamic SQL-aware query router
  • Simplified data sharding with tenant-based query routing
  • High-performance replication scaling with Binlog Server

Ensure high availability

Ensure High Availability

Minimize downtime with MaxScale automatic failover and asynchronous replication.

In a distributed environment, failure of a single node can negatively impact application uptime. MaxScale controls the database backend to protect application performance against any node-level failures:

  • Automatic database failover
  • Asynchronous database and application upgrades
  • Active/Passive and Active/Standby MaxScale configuration

Data streaming

Data Streaming

Real-time transactional data to data lake environment for real-time analytics and machine learning.

The flow of data doesn’t always end when a transaction is committed. For that reason, MaxScale offers an easily consumable stream of binlog events. Utilize the stream in an event-sourcing pattern, where downstream consumers can perform work asynchronously or persist data to analytic platforms like Hadoop.

  • Stream transactional data to messaging systems like Kafka in real time
  • Represent binlog events as AVRO or JSON, making them easily consumable downstream
  • Leverage streaming data for machine learning, real-time analytics and other asynchronous work

With MariaDB MaxScale, there is no technical limit for scalability through sharding, and we were able to deploy quickly without having to modify our applications. MariaDB is the best in town for cloud database solutions and this is why we chose MaxScale.

Olli Nokso-Koivisto, CEO, LeadDesk

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